Sonic the Hedgehog is a beloved cartoon and video game character and the official SEGA mascot (since 1991). So, if you know and love the blue and cute hedgehog you will love Sonic Dash which is actually the second game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game can be played on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices and is free to download on all platforms. Of course, there are in-app purchases so, you should be careful with your account password if children are playing.

Sonic Dash is an endless running game and your main job is to see how far Sonic can get in the game without getting destroyed by the many and difficult obstacles that show up in his way. Of course, you will be the one controlling Sonic which makes things a lot of fun.

sonic dash

The gameplay

The story is simple and very easy to follow: run as fast and as far as you can and try to collect as many rewards as possible. As Sonic runs, there is a wide range of stunts you can pull to make things move faster. For instance, rolling Sonic up into a ball can blow away obstacles and offers insane speed (this is actually called the Dash move), but he can also jump over barriers and speed around loops. This helps him move faster and defeat various enemies that show up along the way.

To spice things up, you can choose one of Sonic’s well-known friends to be your main character. Thus, if you like characters like Tails, Shadow, or Knuckles you’ll have the amazing chance of being their guide in this endless running game.

The general design & other features

Sonic Dash doesn’t just offer you great childhood memories (that if you watched cartoons with Sonic), but it also comes with a vivid set. The movement and sound are extremely well-balanced creating an interesting and fun to play game. Even more, the unexpected obstacles and the fact that the game’s difficulty increases as you advance, will give you quite the adrenaline rush.

Sonic Dash is also socially connected. This means that you can challenge your friends or other users using either Facebook or the game’s leaderboards. Once you get connected, you have the amazing chance of proving which one is the fastest, and this is not an easy race!

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