If you’re looking for a challenging game that will work on the popular mobile platforms, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is one that should be on your list. According to reviews from long-time players and based on our very own experience, we can say that the game is gorgeous from a visual point of view, it comes with a great story, and implements a killer soundtrack. So, you might say that it has all the necessary tools to be a success.

Still, before we sing its praises, let’s take a look at a more in-depth review we put together.

shadow fight 2 hack review

Shadow Fight 2 Hack: a closer look

If we want to start with the beginning, we have to start with the back story (just like the game starts). You will learn that your character (called Shadow – not very creative, but it works) was actually an all-mighty warrior that through some weird turn of events released an ancient evil force. This force transformed our warrior in a shadow doomed to walk the world of living creatures until he manages to reach the Gate of Shadows. If you’re already thinking that too many aspects are shadowy here, brace yourselves; there’s more!

Shadow has to fight other warriors, monsters, and big bad bosses to reach the aforementioned gate. However, even though these other characters are not actually shadows, they show up as silhouettes too. This gives Shadow Fight 2 Hack a unique look which makes the experience so much more interesting.

One of the other many features that make this game so great is the incredible level of detail developers managed to put in animating the characters. Each fighting style uses genuine moves and techniques and the movement is extremely fluid with no glitches or hiccups. Even more, the weapons are extremely realistic when it comes to movement. I mean you’ll rarely see nunchucks that well designed in a game designed for mobile platforms. And, while the moves are the same, each weapon does different things, which gives the game depth.

As the story unfolds, you won’t really have time to get bored. Besides the amazing visuals with the gorgeous background images, you’ll also enjoy a wide range of fighting scenarios. For example, there is a survival mode, various challenges, duels, and the main storyline. You should know that each type of fight will take some energy and there are other types of damage that will limit your strategy. Still, your resources are slowly refueled and you can use gems and coins to buy more advanced weapons. While this is a freemium game, you have the possibility to earn more gems and coins so you don’t have to spend too much of your real money.

In the end, we loved playing Shadow Fight 2 Hack and over 100 million users find it interesting, fun, and challenging.  So, even if you’re not a big fan of the fighting genre or you don’t feel that fondly for RPGs, you should give it a try – you might enjoy it.

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