We all love a good story right? Well, based on our love of adventure and creativity, the guys at Pixelberry created a simulation game that gives the player the possibility to choose their own way in the game. This is actually a completely different approach if we think of the classical gaming way when the character must follow a predetermined path in order to complete a goal (or several goals).

Choices Stories You Play Hack is specially designed to help you follow the side of the story you want. For this, you will have to decide which way to go every step of the way as with every event, you will be presented with a choice.

For now, Choices Stories You Play Hack only has three stories in its library, but they touch the four basics of an adventure: fantasy, crime, and romance. So, if you feel bored and want a game that is unpredictable and filled with adrenaline, this is the way to go!

choices stories you play hack

The four stories

With the help of amazing writers, fantastic graphic designers, and chilling sound effects, all three stories are captivating and well-designed. You will be tempted by curiosity and there are enough plot twists to keep you on your toes with every move you make.

#1: The Freshman (Book 1)

You are a student at Hartfeld University and your main story is the one of a young person. You’ll make friends, find love, and simply enjoy life. You have the possibility to choose your outfits, set the date for the Winter Formal, and even decide who you would like to date.

Who knows how the story will unfold? I guess you will have to play the game in order to find out!

#2: The Crown & The Flame (Book 1)

You are a wrongfully dethroned king and you will have to fight your way back into the kingdom and on the throne. Your main purpose is to raise and army, become a powerful wizard, and (of course) take back what’s yours!

You get to choose who to build alliances with, which weapons to develop and master, select your armor and clothes, and so on. Everything ends with an epic battle that you may or may not win.

#3: Most Wanted (Book 1)

A Texas Marshal and a Hollywood detective are brought together to find and catch a hitman. You will have to learn to work together as a team and you will get to learn a lot of cool things as a detective pursuing a fugitive.

Here you get to choose if you want to be the US Marshal or the Detective. Once you make the choice, the story will unwind and mysteries, plot twists and unexpected situations will lie ahead. You will examine evidence and, based on your analysis, you will have to make a decision about your next steps.

As you can see, Choices Stories You Play Hack is quite interesting and adventure is not missing from any of the stories! Even more, the guys at Pixelberry are prepping new stories and they will be out with the newest update. So, if you like adventure, plot twists, and good gaming, you must try this game!

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